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Recorded on Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood, California in 1995-1997, this was the first CD release by songwriter Gene Mitchell, after being encouraged by Norman Saleet to produce his versions of the songs for release to the public. With Jerry Breiner on keyboards, Rick Cathaway on bass and lead guitar, Troy King on drums, Bryan Matheson on backing vocals, additional musicians Gary Ruhl and Ricky Johnson and Gene on lead vocals and guitars proves what a versatile songwriter is all about. A collection of island, pop, adult contemporary, ballads, easy listening and country songs all put together in a collection that flows perfectly between songs while still keeping one central theme - Caribbean Cowboy. Great lyrics, great music and great production.

Track Listings
1. Rum And Coca-Cola
2. Caribbean Cowboy
3. Jellyfish
4. Moonlit Bay
5. A Mile High On You
6. Heart In Tow
7. Different Stories
8. Time Stands Still
9. Hometown Girls
10. Cinnamon Bay

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