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The title comes from the combination of tropical and jazz styles and from featuring the saxophonist from the nation's #1 tropical band (Amy Lee of Jimmy Buffet's band) and the guitarist from the nation's #1 jazz band (John Raymond of Kenny G's band). Along with the tropical and jazz tunes you will also find some blues, country-rock and a nice sailing ballad. Also features some great steel drum, piano and percussion by Gary Gibson, powerful trumpet playing by Rick Miller, drumming by Kenny Coulter. Powerful lyrics and exceptional musical performances on this one.

Track Listings
1. By The Beach
2. Da Way She Move (tropical version)
3. Summer's Back
4. Tropical Express
5. Love In The Early Stages
6. Cold Seattle Night
7. I'm Right Here
8. Sweetest Smile
9. Sailing Back Home To You
10. Going Back To Georgia
11. The Way She Moves (jazz version)
12. Tribal Revival
13. Conga Line

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