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The idea for �Vacation� came to me four years ago after moving to Florida. However, the songs for the CDs �Down Island Way� and �Greetings From Florida� took priority. After the release of those CDs in 2001 and 2002, I began to focus on writing songs with the theme �vacation.� After each new song was written, I went ahead and arranged, charted and recorded it. At the beginning of 2003 I had five of the songs recorded for �Vacation.� Wanting to share the new songs with fans and friends, I released the compilation CD �Island Party� in March 2003, which contained upbeat party songs from my previous CDs and two new songs, �Make Mine A Pina Colada� and �Cuba Groove.� Footnote: �Cuba Groove� predicted Jimmy Buffett (referred to as �that Margarita Man� in the song) winning a Grammy. Sure enough, almost two years after the song was written and several months after the song was released on �Island Party,� Jimmy won a Grammy for the duet with Alan Jackson on �It�s Five O�clock Somewhere.� Congratulations Jimmy!

�Island Party� became a popular CD over the summer of 2003 as it contained what most tourists and tropical fans wanted, a CD full of nothing but upbeat island party songs. The summer of 2003 brought many more ideas and life experiences and by the fall of 2003 I had an additional four songs written and recorded. Again, not having enough songs for the �Vacation� CD, but wanting to share the new songs, I released another compilation CD. Two new songs, �Sail-ebration� and �Life On A Boat,� along with �Sailing On St. Andrew�s Bay� from my children�s book �Welcome To Florida,� were combined with other sailings songs from my previous CDs and released in December 2003 on the compilation CD �Sail-ebration.�

When I plan a CD, I begin to write songs with the planned title and theme in mind. Like chapters in a book, all the songs must fit together and carry the listener on the mental and emotional adventure I have planned for them. Because all the songs over the past two years were written for the CD �Vacation� and fit together in a planned sequence, the four new songs previously released on �Island Party� and �Sail-ebration� are included on this CD as well. I also included �Texas Moon� as a bonus track. It is a remake of my song �Florida Moon� from the CD �Greetings From Florida,� however it is recorded in the upbeat Texas swing style and sings of, obviously, a Texas moon instead.

Now, as the summer of 2004 approaches, all the songs for �Vacation� are complete. The final result is one BIG CD of 15 tracks and almost one full hour of fun and adventure. I hope �Vacation� will result in a lifetime of listening pleasure for everyone that has supported my music over the years and those discovering the music of �The Big Coconut� for the first time. I humbly and sincerely say �thank you� to all. Enjoy the music and, by all means, go on VACATION!

Gene Mitchell

Track Listings
1. Vacation
2. Caribbean Crazy
3. Sail-ebration
4. Sugarcane Is Sweet
5. Pictures
6. Make Mine A Pina Colada
7. Coconut Girl
8. Captains
9. Coconut In The Tiki Hut
10. Looking Forward To Nothing To Do
11. Dance Among The Stars
12. Texas Moon
13. Life On A Boat
14. Cuba Groove
15. Parrot Bay

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